Spon­sor a schol­ar­ship

Students in conversation in front of the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center.
Students in conversation in front of the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm Center.
Photo: Julia Baier

Support talented students at the Humboldt-Universität. Students of bachelor’s and master's programmes are sponsored with 300 euros per month for at least two semesters. Half of the scholarship is funded by the Federal Government and half by private sponsors, such as companies, foundations and private individuals.

Your investment in a scholarship

  • 1,800 euros for a one-year scholarship
  • The scholarship holder receives 3,600 euros due to the matching funds principle and additional federal funds

How you can participate

  • Specify the degree programme or subject of your future scholar.
  • Additionally, choose a special focus of study.
  • Name your scholarships as desired.
  • Specify further attributes for the selection of your scholarship holders, which we will take into account as far as possible.
  • Support scholarship holders in non-material ways and integrate them into your network.

As a partner of the Humboldt-Universität in the promotion of young academics

  • Receive regular invitations to our scholarship award ceremonies and regular get-togethers.
  • Organise workshops and lectures for our scholarship holders together with us.
  • Invite our scholarship holders to your events.
  • Benefit from being featured on our website and in other materials: for example, with your name, logo or an interview about your motives as a scholarship sponsor.
We not only honour our sponsors on our website but also strive to give you visibility at our events and on campus.
Photo: Nadine Zilliges

How does it work in practice?

Funding agreement

If you would like to sponsor one or more scholarships, please contact us. We will discuss all the details with you and conclude a sponsorship agreement. Scholarships are awarded at the Humboldt-Universität starting from 1st April, at the beginning of the summer semester. The funding amount can be transferred in one go or in instalments, and you will, of course, be given a receipt for your donation.

Selection of sponsorship recipients

We regularly receive over 700 applications for funding, on average, per application period. We pass the applications on to our selection committee, which selects the scholarship recipients.

Matching process

Once the selection of scholarship recipients is complete, we determine who will be sponsored by whom (matching). We will, of course, do our best to take into account any additional sponsorship requests you may have.

Getting to know each other and networking

After the selection committee has made its decision, the sponsorship contracts are signed with the scholarship holders. In June, our scholarship award ceremony takes place, at which the certificates are awarded, and our scholarship holders and sponsors have the opportunity to get to know each other. Other events and regular get-togethers take place throughout the year.

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Voices of scholarship holders

    • This is us


      Stipendiat:innen der Ferdinand und Charlotte Schimmelpfennig-Stiftung stellen sich, ihr Studium und ihre gesellschaftlichen Aktivitäten im kurzen Video vor.

      Zwei lächelnde Stipendiatinnen bekommen ihre Urkunden und Blumen bei der Stipendiat:innenfeier.
    • Sask­ia Baum­gardt


      studiert Psychologie und wird von artop GmbH gefördert. Dank dem Stipendium kann sie neben dem Studium an einer Studie an der Charité arbeiten und praxisbezogene Erfahrungen sammeln.

    • Han­ke Guo


      studiert Mathematik im Master und Informatik im Bachelor. Er sieht das Stipendium als Anerkennung seiner erreichten Leistungen und als Motivation für sein Studium.